How to Mulch and Fertilize a Vegetables Garden

Fertilization is an important step in lawn care. If you fertilize your garden right, then you can be sure of maximum yield. As a matter of fact, fertilizing and mulching goes together. If you’re doing organic gardening, then you shouldn’t buy synthetic fertilizers at all. You can only use organic and inorganic matters to nourish your plants.

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Mulching, on the other hand, enriches the soil with the much-needed air and nutrients. But more than that, it also protects the soil. If your garden is always subjected to heavy rains or weed infestation, then the mulches will provide it with adequate protection. It will strengthen the soil and support the natural growth of the plants in your vegetables. Other benefits of mulching include the regulation of soil temperature and improving the aesthetic appeal to your garden.

The Importance of Mulching the Soil

A properly mulched garden requires less water. The mulch helps plants in retaining water from the soil. As a result, they grow faster and healthier, while also ensuring that adequate moisture is retained. Mulching may not directly prevent off weeds, it definitely helps in keeping it in control. Mulching works as the filler for the bare areas of the soil, which means there’s no room for weeds to grow. Weeds simply die down if it forces itself in a well-mulched soil.

However, if you have an organic garden, bacteria tend to eat up some of the nitrogen in the soil. To keep that from happening, you have to inject a few dosages of nitrogen to it. If you’re wondering what mulch you can use for an organic garden, the common ones are lawn clippings, straw, sawdust, leaves, and wood chips.

The Importance of Fertilizing the Soil

It’s possible to fertilize the soil while mulching it. However, it can be such a meticulous process, especially if you have an organic garden. It means watering your garden more frequently than necessary.

Before you apply any fertilizer on your soil, be sure to test it first. It’s important to find the right fertilizer for your soil. To test a product, get a sample of soil from your garden and see how the fertilizer works on it. If it works well, then you have to keep using that fertilizer to ensure that your garden remains healthy and produces the best yield every season.

Lawn Care Basics

Gardening and lawn care come together very well. It’s possible for you to take care of your own garden, as it’s quite an easy thing to do. However, you can always benefit from the help of the experts. For that, you simply have to hire professionals who provide the best lawn care Richmond VA can ever offer.

Hiring the professionals may mean another expense for you but it is definitely worth the investment. They can help you grow your garden in the best possible way, thus allowing you to reap all the good benefits associated with it. If you’re just new to gardening, consulting with the experts is something that you should do.

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